Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Love this idea

So there are a few companies out there that print text or images so you can apply to the walls in your house, like uppercase living. I actually purchased a test one from them last year with Simply & Forever and it came out amazing. You can stick it on a wall, or if you don't want something so permanent, you can frame a piece of glass, and apply the text to the glass.

I just recently came across another fabulous site that does similar things. It's called Wonderful Graffiti, and on top of what they offer for decorating your house, they also have a line for Weddings. source: Wonderful Graffiti
Ok one those bundt cakes look delicious, but two, the text on the wall is very romantic looking and brings the colors in that they've tied into the desserts as well.

Ideas: Use for your monogram, on your getaway car, the blank wall at your ceremony or reception, or even on your dance floor!

And in case you're worried about if you're going to get charged by the venue for hurting their property, it can be removed quickly and shouldn't harm the surfaces underneath. But don't worry, I'll give a full report after I get one myself to use. Though I'm going to ask my reception place to be sure before applying (always a good idea!).

Hmmm...maybe they can create one for our Two Become One monogram logo....

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