Friday, September 11, 2009

Feels like yesterday

When you say that it was 8 years ago, it seems like so long ago. But when you truly reflect on that day, it feels like only yesterday. I remember being in my communications class and walking out with my friend Stefanie (from New York). We were both on the way to Philosophy class and heard bits and pieces of conversation from other people walking to their classes. We were puzzled because we had no idea what was going on at that point. We ended up walking out of our philosophy class because something just didn't feel right. Everyone was silent, the scenes we saw were just too heartbreaking to even talk about just then. In the months after, I watched a lot of New York friends suffer because they had lost friends and family members. Even some of my church family here in St. Louis lost people that day.

For eight years, on this day, I remember those friends, and their families, and EVERYONE who was affected that day. I think we all should remember that day, and the men and women who protect us on a day to day basis. They give us the freedom that we all enjoy and sometimes take for granted.

God Bless,

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