Thursday, September 17, 2009

Engagement Pictures

Mike and I have 51 days until our big day, and everything is starting to really come together! I promise that I have much more to share on here, but you will have to bear with me these 51 days as I try to get everything together for our wedding as well as things for other clients.

We had a fabulous day this past weekend for Mark & Jamie's wedding and I can't wait to share that recap with you soon as well. I loved every moment of their day, and hope they are having a blast on their honeymoon right now!

In the meantime, you must go visit the Todd Studios blog to see some of Mike and I's engagement photos! I am usually the one taking photos and doing everything behind the scenes at my weddings, so it was such a relief to have this much fun actually being the subjects of the photos. I just wish I had a shot of Angie hiding in the corn to take some of these pictures to share with you. Angie spent ALL afternoon with us at the farm, and she took some pretty amazing shots. She has amazing style and such an amazing personality, and on top of that, she's an amazing designer. She has designed my entire collection of wedding elements (from save the dates, to invites, to programs, etc) and they have gotten rave reviews from our family and friends!

Look for a recap soon and some of my latest inspirations! But first, I must head off to my first dress fitting at Karen's Wedding Boutique!

Is anyone else thrilled that it's almost the weekend? I'm excited that it's GAME DAY though!


Friday, September 11, 2009

Feels like yesterday

When you say that it was 8 years ago, it seems like so long ago. But when you truly reflect on that day, it feels like only yesterday. I remember being in my communications class and walking out with my friend Stefanie (from New York). We were both on the way to Philosophy class and heard bits and pieces of conversation from other people walking to their classes. We were puzzled because we had no idea what was going on at that point. We ended up walking out of our philosophy class because something just didn't feel right. Everyone was silent, the scenes we saw were just too heartbreaking to even talk about just then. In the months after, I watched a lot of New York friends suffer because they had lost friends and family members. Even some of my church family here in St. Louis lost people that day.

For eight years, on this day, I remember those friends, and their families, and EVERYONE who was affected that day. I think we all should remember that day, and the men and women who protect us on a day to day basis. They give us the freedom that we all enjoy and sometimes take for granted.

God Bless,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Love this idea

So there are a few companies out there that print text or images so you can apply to the walls in your house, like uppercase living. I actually purchased a test one from them last year with Simply & Forever and it came out amazing. You can stick it on a wall, or if you don't want something so permanent, you can frame a piece of glass, and apply the text to the glass.

I just recently came across another fabulous site that does similar things. It's called Wonderful Graffiti, and on top of what they offer for decorating your house, they also have a line for Weddings. source: Wonderful Graffiti
Ok one those bundt cakes look delicious, but two, the text on the wall is very romantic looking and brings the colors in that they've tied into the desserts as well.

Ideas: Use for your monogram, on your getaway car, the blank wall at your ceremony or reception, or even on your dance floor!

And in case you're worried about if you're going to get charged by the venue for hurting their property, it can be removed quickly and shouldn't harm the surfaces underneath. But don't worry, I'll give a full report after I get one myself to use. Though I'm going to ask my reception place to be sure before applying (always a good idea!).

Hmmm...maybe they can create one for our Two Become One monogram logo....