Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fascination with Owls

So about a month ago I took a lunch break from my downtown job and met my mom for lunch at Shaw's Garden. It's custom to always visit the gift shop after visiting the garden, so one must allocate enough time to look through all the goodies that they have gotten in. (Let's keep it between us that this usually takes about 45 minutes in itself). This time I found three amazing platters that I gave as thank you's for one of my showers, and tons and tons of really really cute owl items. I'm talking statues for outside, owl soaps (which I've already bought for our annual Kappa holiday party) and so much more. I never used to think that I would like owls, but after Kappa, and after the last few years, I seem to find everything I find with owls on it to be the cutest thing ever. And this guest book that I just saw from Cut the Cake Designs is just that, the cutest thing ever. I love this idea of gathering everyone's information while they are all in one place, you have no reason for NOT sending out holiday cards after doing such a thing like this at your wedding!
So check out this and all the other lovelies from Cut the Cake Designs on etsy! And if you're a fellow Kappa, you just may be getting this as a wedding shower gift someday! :)

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  1. I am extremely disappointed with Cut the Cake Designs, because this vendor defrauded me by not sending my purchase. I paid this seller on 21/4/2011 for a wedding guestbook. Today, I still have no product and the seller's only response to my eight+ emails was that it was sent a "while ago."

    My wedding date is fast approaching this August and I spent $69.96 for a product that I never received.

    Stay away!